(1-Month Bundle) Kyndful Organic Diapers Size 1-5 + Unscented Baby Wipes: 4 Packs of Chlorine Free Diapers w/Overnight Leak-Stop Comfort + 216 ct. Natural & Unscented Wipes (3 Flip-Top Packs)


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Manufacturer Description

Have you tried Natural Diapers and Wipes (even the big brands) and been disappointed?

Parents say they're happy to finally have a full-month's supply of organic diapers and wipes that actually work. And they love our 2 Kyndful Promises...

Promise #1: We're Kyndful to your baby.

Our USA-made diapers feature:

♥ Breathable cotton

♥ 3D Leakguards & wetness indicators

♥ No harsh chemicals, lotions, or fragrances

♥ Super-absorbent polymers & natural wood pulp

♥ Frustration-Free wide elastic waistbands & perforated Adhesive Tabs that don't stick together or bind.

This means you can enjoy Chlorine-free diapers that protect your baby's sensitive skin from rashes, burns, chafing, and redness - along with Cloud-Like softness that's so comfy babies laugh and giggle during diaper changes.

Plus our super-absorption design has parents commenting on how much Kyndful diapers hold. This means all-night protection and quiet nights of healthy sleep for baby...and for you.

And our gentle unscented Wipes feature:

♥ No baddies (no oils, lotions, parabens, or fragrances)

♥ Interfolded cloth - so no digging for wipes in the middle of a messy change

♥ Premium plant-based cloth to stop tear-through and keep your hands mess-free

This bundle gives you a months supply (3 packs) of Wet wipes that use only ultra-purified water and a hint of organic chamomile to clean fast (without any foamy or oily residue).

So you can confidently swipe and wipe to enjoy fast diaper changes (without the screaming or squirming).

Promise #2: We're Kyndful to Moms in Need.

We're obsessive about creating a community of moms that help other moms, that's why Kyndful will donate a percentage of this purchase to "Every Mother Counts", an NGO that helps mothers who are suffering from complications during pregnancy and childbirth. This donation is both a promise and a pleasure.

Product Features

Plant-Based Organic Diapers & Wipes that Work: Parents who've tried us are thrilled to have a months worth of natural baby diapers and wipes that actually work; our plant-based Baby Products are proudly made in the USA with no baddies (no harsh dyes, lotions, perfumes, or chemicals), and they're hypoallergenic and Dermatologically tested safe for your baby's sensitive skin Crazy Absorbent for All-Day or Overnight Dryness: Moms say they're obsessed by how much our diapers hold - we use super-absorbent organic wood pulp, along with a smart wetness indicator and 3D Leak Guards to stop the up-the-back leaks and blowouts common with other organic brands; So, instead of the middle-of-the-night changes, you can enjoy quiet nights of healthy sleep for your baby... and yourself Cloud-Soft Hypoallergenic Diapers: Our chlorine-free diapers are made from plant-based fibers that are so heavenly-soft on sensitive skin that your little one will smile and laugh during diaper changes, In fact, parents with babies suffering from eczema are using our unscented diapers to keep their little ones dry and rash-free 3 Packs of Ultra-Pure Water & Chamomile Wet Wipes: Parents who've seen the chemical burns, redness, and rashes caused by other wipes (even big brand organics) choose Kyndful because we only use ultra-purified, pharmaceutical-grade water plus a touch of organic chamomile on soft plant-based cloths, for all-natural wet wipes that clean up fast yet are soothing on sensitive skin Kyndful to Mothers In Need: We're dedicated to creating a community of moms that helps other moms, that's why we're donating a percentage of your purchase to "Every Mother Counts", an NGO that helps mothers suffering from complications during childbirth and pregnancy - this means you can feel good about helping young mothers in need, while giving your baby the best natural diapers available. This donation is a pleasure and a guaranteed promise

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