2-PACK Hot Yoga Headband - Ridiculously Absorbent All Natural Bamboo & Cotton Wonder for Genuine Focused Yogis

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Manufacturer Description

Hot yoga is the best investment in a healthy mind and happy body (we love all forms - Bikram, Baptiste, Evolation, Moksha). The feeling of infinite possibility and power during the practice and the sense of rejuvenation after is priceless.

The toxins leaving the body during the super sweaty workouts give way to a healthier you! But what about the dripping sweat in your eyes and on the face? Do they mess with your focus? They messed with ours - so we designed this ridiculously absorbent headband, made mostly from bamboo fibers. This headband wicks sweat like nothing we have seen before! It also traps the moisture and the smell post-workout. It's eco-friendly and anti-bacterial, too. And oh so soft your head feels hugged by this gentle stretchy material. The best headband you'll ever use, we promise. Disagree? We'll cheerfully refund your purchase.


- all natural bamboo 65%
- pure cotton 30%
- stretchy spandex 5%

Headband Features:

- Super soft, yet durable fabric
- Elegant, stylish design to frame your face
- Absorbs more than its weight: wicks sweat
- Anti-stink: eliminates odors and prevents their formation
- Thermo-regulating: keeps you cooler in summer, dry in humidity, warmer in winter

Bamboo Material Benefits:

- Hypoallergenic: perfect for sensitive skin
- Antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal (prevents mildew formation)

Bamboo Plant Benefits:

- Organically grown, 100% biodegradable
- Improves soil quality: no pesticides and fertilizers required
- Converts carbon dioxide into oxygen and improves air quality
- Drought tolerant, preserving water resources

Fabric Care:
Machine wash. Air dry. Do not bleach (bleach may harm bamboo fibers and the material's supreme absorption properties)

Size & Fit:
One Size Fits All

Product Features

❤️ HOT YOGA, HOT YOU - Wicks sweat and traps moisture so you can focus on your practice. Need more to keep your omm? It's anti-bacterial to prevent post-workout smells. This all-purpose bamboo and cotton hot yoga headband will be the best addition to your workout gear. Kicks into high performance mode when you arrive at the studio. Frames your face beautifully for all to enjoy while running errands, working hard or hanging with friends. ❤️ ECO-FRIENDLY - Feel good knowing that bamboo is organically grown (does not require pesticides), fully biodegradable, converts CO2 to O2 and is drought tolerant (preserves water resources). Feel beautiful while caring for the earth! All-natural and pure, made from a tri-blend of bamboo (65%), cotton (30%) and spandex (5%), this headband has it all. ❤️ 100% QUALITY PROMISE - We're so sure you'll love it, we're giving you a money-back guarantee. If you are not totally satisfied with your headband, we'll take it back for a full refund - no questions asked. ❤️ FEELS BETTER THAN SAVASANA - The super soft fabric will hug your head all day for a feeling of plush comfort. Multi-way stretch ensures that your head is caringly cuddled by the velvety material of the headband. ❤️ RIDICULOUSLY ABSORBENT - Finally, you can just focus on your practice! This headband wicks every drop of moisture like a boss. Then traps it - so you feel dry, even during tough and sweaty workouts. Bamboo material is anti-bacterial (prevents odor formation). Sweat and funky smells won't ever stop you again!

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