2 Pack Watermelon Cutter Knife Slicer & Corer by KAIZEN GOODS

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Manufacturer Description

It's a true joy to eat a fresh and juicy watermelon's pulp. Sometimes it gets dirty when use old ways to extract the pulp. Now you can get the most of your watermelon with less mess having beautiful slices or cubes that you can serve to your guests. Many people hurt themselves in the process using knives. This watermelon cutter makes cutting safe and easy so you can use it with no risk of injury. It has rounded edges so your hands and fingers are safe throughout the process.

1.Insert the tool into the watermelon in the juicy part near the rind.
2.Hook inside and cut slices by dragging down following the natural curvature of the melon.
3.Flip it around and squeeze the tool to grasp the slice with the tong side of the tool.
4.With the special part of the slicer get rid of seed and put slices on a plate.
Additionally you can put slices in the freezer for 5 minutes and now you have juicy, fresh and cool slices ready.

AS A CUSTOMER YOU WANT to buy great products for the smallest price. Usually small price doesn't come with a good quality when including costs. We recommend you to be careful when choose a product that has direct contact with food. There might be counteracted products in this market. We guarantee that you'll get a good product for a reasonable price. This watermelon knife is made by hypoallergenic kid and eco friendly stainless steel. We sell only approved products cause that's our policy for long-term relationships with our customers.

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Product Features

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE PURCHASING. We all love different ways to do things. With this kitchen tool you can enjoy cutting watermelon differently. You can use it also for cantaloupe and honeydew, but notice that it works better on ripe fruits. It will take a little practice to master the process. This is the most efficient and easiest known way to cut a watermelon. It helps you to get the most out of the fruit and keeps all the juice in the rind so there will be no mess in your kitchen. AS SEEN ON TV - That's how people also call it. What makes our product different? It's made from Eco Friendly Hypoallergenic Stainless Steel. It has its edges rounded so your kid can be safe. It's Dishwasher Safe. It can be washed only with water. It helps you to slice and cube easily melons keeping your hands clean. Its length is 8.5 inches. Using this watermelon cutter is much more better and safer than other kitchen tools because this way you can protect yourself from Cuts and Injuries. ABOUT US. Our supplier is based in Asia. They've been in fruit cutters industry for over a decade so they know how to create durable and innovative products. Our first customers were farmers from Florida, Georgia, Texas. It had a big impact on them because it was something innovative that haven't been seen before and was able to change the way of cutting watermelons. Later, we started to sell watermelon slicer on amazon so other people are able to use this innovative tool in their kitchen. WHY CHOOSE US? We understand that as a customer you want to be satisfied with products you purchase. We know what we offer for this price. We take responsibility for the product we sell so you can have the best quality and service. We offer Fast Shipping for PRIME MEMBERS. Our product is tested and approved. It has quality certificates so you can be sure that it's absolutely safe for you and your health. WHY WAIT? Add our product to your cart NOW. Test it for yourself. Notice its quality and master the process. If you feel that our product it's not appropriate for you. No questions asked, you'll have your money back. We offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE. For more information, please read the description bellow.

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