26 CORNER GUARD Protectors, Fridge Toilet SAFETY LOCK, RE-USE TAPE. Child Safety Foam corner guards, Babyproof Clear protective bumper cushion for furniture.


Manufacturer Description

The Most Complete Variety Corner Cushion Set Childproofing Bundle for babies Premium Grade you can have for Your Home. An Unbeatable combination of Price and Quality, you should not miss this babyproofing set for your home: Premium Grade 26 corner cushion units for Full Home Coverage. Special Bonus - Lock for the safety of your exploring toddler with Special Acrylic Adhesive - a baby toilet lock or fridge lock. Second Bonus - Extra Adhesive tape for re-using the corners and the lock. Easy & fast installation. Premium health and safety certified Eco - friendly nontoxic material. Extra dense material for strong protection. Thoroughly tested adhesive that will stick when needed but also engineered to leave Minimum signs when removed. Save Money & Effort Using this Amazing Set. This Value Pack Generously Offers ALL you need to Shield Your House. The Pack Includes: 1. 16 Foam Corner Cushions, 8 White and 8 Brown. 2. 1 Lock with Special Acrylic Adhesive 3. 6 Clear Corners Covers Guards. 4. 4 Glass table white Pre-Taped Corner Guards. 5. 8Pcs of Extra Bonus 3M Double Sided Tape. 6. Adhesive tape for the foam and clear locks. Being so sure about the high quality of our product, we offer a FULL MONEY-BACK satisfaction guarantee and our Best Replacement Policy in case you encounter Any problem with your purchase. Try it today and forget bumps, bruises and crying!

Product Features

REAL BIGGEST Corner Guard Bundle + 2 BONUSES: Special Safety Lock for fridge or toilet with SRONG Acrylic Adhesive, and also - Extra Adhesive tape for re-using the corners and the lock. Our Extra Dense 8 Coffee Brown and 8 White, 6 Clear and 4 white Elegant Child proofing Glass table baby guard, is made for FULL HOME caring coverage. EXTRA FINE Corner Guard baby cushions materials designed to shield your exploring baby's head from danger when hit sharp edges or injuries to the chest wall when falling on sharp edges. Thick, Soft baby safety products for table's corners, cabinets, countertop kitchen, glass, plastic or metal tables edges for fish tanks, baby gates or fence, wood desks padding, benches, hearth fireplace bumpers, mantel shelf, chair, Drawers, hospitals wards, day-care senior centers, schools. COMPLETELY CERTIFIED Products for Babies: Our Security impact absorbing edge protectors set for corners protectors, is baby-proofing SGS certified for Toxic Flame Retardants, Mercury, Cadmium, Lead PBB, PBDE, Chromium and More. Eco-Friendly to guarantee a safe rubber bumper guard children safety and babies safety products. BEST SUITED ADHESIVE: Easy Installation on any clean flat surface. Thanks to the Upgraded 3M table corner guards baby-proof dual sided tapes and the Pre-Taped glass corners pads, You need to simply measure, clean the table in the corner, cut accordingly and attach to the corner. Peel and add attach the bumper guard cover absorption pads to the corners of your furniture. Important for the teething period: It is advised to cover the table protector corner cushions with table covers. GET IT NOW WITH CONFIDENCE: Our mission is to provide you with the Perfect babyproof edge and corner cushion protector for baby - The Strongest child safe guard armor and Most Complete protective kit. If you are not satisfied with the product, don't worry, please send it back and you will get a FULL REFUND or a replacement product. OUR PRIORITY IS YOUR SATISFACTION.

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