3 Pcs Bath Sponge Wearable Cute Small Bird Shaped Bath Gloves, Bamboo Fiber, Rope Hanging, Easy to Carry Fast Drying Towel Kids Baby Toddler Bath Sponge Suitable for More Than 3 Months Up

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Manufacturer Description

â–³It's time to cleanse your way of life. Our reusable sponges are environmentally friendly, baby friendly, baby friendly,and adult friendly. Our high-quality sponge has four kinds of beautiful and lovely animals: ducklings, rabbits, bears. Your child will never look back at his old loofah or towels again.

â–²PRACTICAL PACK: a common complaint is that the natural sponge is fragile and some are not long enough. Although we can't stop natural wear and use, we can at least help to extend your enjoyment. By providing more than one sponge inside a package, you can extend your use over time. Take space to urinate, carry on, avoid using disposable or public towels, travel, visit relatives, travel when available, environmental health.

â–²Baby or child family is clean and clean, use the appropriate bathing tool is a kind of child care, our bath cotton gloves with a cute owl shape, wide mouth and convenient to wear, the size is suitable for the mother's hand, naughty children is the most important bath, bath need a comfortable and safe the tool. This product uses pure natural bamboo fiber, so that cotton gloves absorbent, very soft, without additives, safe and healthy.

1* Blue
1* White
1* Pink

â–²Size: Long 21CM
Wide 11CM
Thick 1 CM
Weight 10g

Product Features

☞HIGH QUALITY BATH SPONE: 80% bamboo fiber, 20% polyester,size is suitable for the mother's hand, wide mouth design and wear convenient, rich fabric of bamboo fiber, the bubble effect is very good, you naughty baby wash off the sweat, dirt. Bath cotton gloves can also clean the baby's face, ears, back. Three colors to replace, give the child a different mood.This product uses natural bamboo fiber, soft fiber, gently touch the delicate skin of the baby. ☞A THOUGHTFUL GIFT: 3 Pcs sale, the owl shape, more than 3 months baby, suitable for children, the bath cotton gloves with lanyard, easy to hang, your child will love this bath sponge. Cotton absorbent, quick, easy to dry, sanitary and durable, without any additives, health benefits, mother more assured. Small space occupation, take it with you, avoid using disposable or public towels, travel, visit relatives, travel, environmental hygiene. ☞CHARACTERISTICS: Cotton with exquisite embroidery,elegant appearance, and are suitable for children, three colors (blue, white and pink) there is a kind of color is a child of love. Convenient cleaning, water cleaning, scrubbing, wring, hang.Bamboo fiber bath cotton, soft texture, not dropped. Although we can't stop natural wear and use, we can at least help to extend your enjoyment. By providing 3 different colors of bath cotton in one package, you can use it over time. ☞SOFT AND GENTLE: On the skin, low allergy and absorption, when fully saturated, this bamboo fiber produces a rich foam. A soft sponge may require more pressure to clean, while a rough sponge may make your baby's skin uncomfortable. Bamboo fiber gloves, bath cotton in delicate and appropriate texture between the delicate balance between, make it a good tool for bathing. ☛ HINT: Please wash it with water before washing for the first time. In order to ensure the service life, please dry and store it. Don't tear it.

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