Bamboo & Cotton Headband - Gently Holds Your Hair, Like a Good Friend

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Manufacturer Description

Unpretentious, sleek minimalist headband - capable of accentuating your natural beauty. Makes you glow as the materials are pure, sustainable and eco-friendly. For a little extra it's also anti-stink and anti-bacterial. All natural, skin- and earth-friendly.

This headband can be with you from morning yoga to evening gala. Or just to cuddle your head and tame your frizz while running errands or hanging with friends.

Don't accept unruly hair as a distraction during a busy day! Dripping sweat will no longer cloud your eyes during workouts. Don't have time to do your hair for your evening date? The headband will frame your natural beauty, no matter the occasion. Glide through your day with this all natural Bamboo and Cotton Headband, and just accept the compliments: wow, you're so naturally beautiful!


- all natural bamboo 65%
- pure cotton 30%
- stretchy spandex 5%

Headband Features:

- Super soft, yet durable fabric
- Elegant, stylish design to frame your face
- Absorbs more than its weight: wicks sweat
- Anti-stink: eliminates odors and prevents their formation
- Thermo-regulating: keeps you cooler in summer, dry in humidity, warmer in winter

Bamboo Material Benefits:

- Hypoallergenic: perfect for sensitive skin
- Antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal (prevents mildew formation)

Bamboo Plant Benefits:

- Organically grown, 100% biodegradable
- Improves soil quality: no pesticides and fertilizers required
- Converts carbon dioxide into oxygen and improves air quality
- Drought tolerant, preserving water resources

Fabric Care:
Machine wash. Air dry. Do not bleach - may harm bamboo fibers.

Size & Fit:
One Size Fits All

Product Features

❤️ SLEEK STYLE - Seeking that casual "didn't try" but still to-die-for look? This headband will add a feel of simple minimalist, yet elegant style to all outfits. Light make-up or post-workout gentle glow - you're ready to impress with your natural beauty. Necessary accessory: headband. Wear it with your yoga gear, fave jeans or a high-end dress and you're guaranteed to impress! ❤️ BAMBOO & COTTON - Pure. All natural. Plush. Touch is important to you? Feel this ultra soft headband - made of all natural, sustainable materials. Perhaps when off your head, you'll find your hands playing with it. Research shows that touching super soft things improves mood and reduces stress. This headband offers even more, featuring cotton and spandex - so the band is also durable and stretchy enough to hold your hair. Like a quality friend. ❤️ ANTI-BACTERIAL - Like clean things? Us too. This headband is mostly made of bamboo material, which is anti-bacterial. Sweaty day? No problem. The headband keeps germs from growing. It's also ideal for sensitive skin and wicks sweat like a sucker. Skeptical? Just dip it in a glass of water and see how fast it absorbs H2O. You'll have no doubt that your sporty cute mess of a head will be dry in this band. Oh yeah - it's also breathable and cuddles your head to pieces. ❤️ GREEN CHIC - And what we love most: it's eco-friendly, too! Love the earth and be fashionable at the same time? Yup. The way it should be! The headband is all kinds of awesome, because bamboo is a sustainable fabric. Bamboo is organically grown, 100% biodegradable, converts carbon dioxide into oxygen (improves air quality) and is drought tolerant (preserves water resources). Automatically gives you a mother Earth energy boost when wearing the headband. ❤️ 100% QUALITY PROMISE - We're so sure you'll love it, we're giving you a money-back guarantee. If you are not totally satisfied with your headband, we'll take it back for a full refund - no questions asked. But if you want to share how we can be better, please do! Tell us if we can improve the design for you - we always welcome creative ideas to better products.

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