Bamboo Straws, 10 Inches, Reusable, Organic, Ecofriendly, Set of 8, Cleaning Brush, for Kids & Adults, Safe Alternative to Plastic Straws, Soft Ends for Easy Drinking, Environment Friendly

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Manufacturer Description

ABOUT THE PRODUCT: The straws are made from real Bamboo tree. The spots in the straw are the way the bamboo grows naturally. Do not believe if people say bamboo has uniform color. These straws have been smoothened without any chemicals and the ends are very soft and suitable for drinking liquids.

OVERVIEW: Bamboo has been used by man for hundreds of years. It is a very strong material, used for construction scaffolding, light weight bamboo houses, wooden veneers for flooring, kitchen spatulas, straws, as a live plant, it is used as a screening plant in household boundaries.

You can be proud that when you buy this product, you are opting for a safe, time tested way of consuming liquids, be it juice, tea, coffee or beer. We provide 10 inches of this straw so that it can be used comfortably even in long bottles.

VARIED THICKNESS: Our straws have varied thickness since they are naturally made, and they are assorted so you can use varied thickness straws for different juices and shakes.


Quantity: 8 straws
Color: natural color
Material: bamboo
Length: 10 inches

Quantity: 1
Color: silver
Material: nylon, metal
Length: 10 inches, 3 inches bristles

Package includes:
8 x Bamboo straws
1 x Nylon head brushes

Product Features

STRAW MADE OF BAMBOO: Bamboo is a naturally strong, long, reusable, light weight material with long life; it is a perfect addition to your lifestyle to include it as a reusable straw. They're suitable for kids and adults, good for warm and icy cold drinks, water, coffee, soda, shakes, smoothies, and pulpy juices making them your trusted, year-round drinking companion! HOW OUR STRAWS ARE MADE: They are hand made, cut in equal lengths (10 inches), surface & edges are smoothened by experts one by one who are in the bamboo industry for decades which is the USP of our straws. None other straws have this feature. The smooth edges don't hurt you or pose a hazard for kids which is an important aspect when buying a straw. With each straw, you are supporting a village tribe in Assam & introducing sustainable products to your home. SMELL & APPEARANCE: We assure you 100% there won't be any bamboo smell in your juice like other brittle & moldy bamboo straws. Since the straws are naturally made, sun dried, you can smell the bamboo for the first time you open the package and I'm sure they will be quite an experience for you and your family! The spots you see in the surface are natural colors and it is how a bamboo tree grows and our straws do not have any splinters. WHY SHOULD YOU ADD IT IN YOUR KITCHEN: It is environment-friendly (and the shoots that are cut grow again). In the US alone we use tens of MILLIONs plastic straws EVERY DAY; and most of them end up in our ocean and landfills. It's a perfect collection for your bamboo utensils set. Also, every time you use our bamboo straws, you are saying no to the plastic straws which are not reusable, and saving the earth for our children. HOW TO CLEAN: The surface of the straws are very soft, so they can be cleaned easily with water by hand or a soft sponge. To clean the inside, use normal water run through the straw and if there is any pulp stuck inside the straws, insert the nylon brush provided once and all the left over pulp will come out easily. Allow them to dry and then store it in a dry place where you store your wooden spatulas and spoons after use.

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