Better Earth Company | Bamboo Toothbrush | Pack of 4 | Free Toothbrush Holder & Ebook | BPA Free Soft Bristles | Biodegradable, Compostable, Eco Friendly, Natural, Organic, Vegan, Wooden

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Manufacturer Description

Replace your plastic toothbrush with Better Earth Company's bamboo toothbrushes and holder

1 Billion Plastic Toothbrushes are thrown away every year in just the U.S. That adds up to more than 50 million pounds of plastic waste that end up polluting the landfills and oceans. That means you can stop contributing to this destruction to our planet by choosing bamboo.

This pack of 4 is enough to last one person an entire year. The ADA recommends changing your toothbrush every 3 months to prevent bacteria build up and to keep bristles from getting too soft.

Start storing your toothbrush properly by using the included bamboo holder. Improper storage of your toothbrush will decrease the lifespan and will increase the chance of bacteria growth. Our bamboo stand is the only solution to properly store your bamboo toothbrush.

You Will Receive:

4x Bamboo Toothbrush ($15 Value)
1x Bamboo Toothbrush Holder/Stand ($10 Value)
1x Free copy of our ebook "You Make a Difference" ($5 Value)

All bundled in plastic free, biodegradable packaging ($2)

Total Value: $32

Cost to you: Less than $15

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Product Features

✔️ EASIER BRUSHING - Discover why you'll never be able to go back to flat bristles. These uniquely designed soft BPA free bristles make brushing more effective and easy. The wavy design allows you to effortlessly get those hard to reach places. Simply remove coffee stains, wine stains, and plaque. This design will help whiten your teeth in as little of a week of use. Instantly brighten up your smile and feel more confident from the benefits of our bristles. ✔️ NEW & IMPROVED - Introducing our brand new design and bundle for 2018. We loved hearing your feedback on the previous design and we wanted to give more to you. We transformed everything about our toothbrushes, from the premium quality of the handle and bristles to completely redesigning the packaging in order to maximize your experience. Nobody is offering a toothbrush holder and ebook that is why we wanted to go the extra mile for you. Bottom line is you'll never choose anyone else again. ✔️ PREMIUM DESIGN - Feel the comfort of our ergonomically designed smooth bamboo handle. The wooden handle is made out of compostable organic bamboo that is precisely finished many times so it never splinters. Our environmentally friendly production process does not use any harmful artificial colors or dyes. Instead we sustainably produce an all natural product packaged in recycled paper. Minimal zero waste packaging is used to deliver your eco toothbrushes and holder to your door. ✔️ FREE TOOTHBRUSH HOLDER - Everything you need is included in this valuable bundle. Properly storing your toothbrush is critical for increasing its lifespan. That is why we want to cover the cost of our exclusive bamboo toothbrush stand. What makes ours different is the sustainable bamboo it's made out of and the small drain hole on the bottom to prevent water from pooling. This holder has a variety of different uses as well, such as storing makeup brushes or any other bathroom accessories. ✔️ YOU PLANT A TREE - We are a proud partner of the non-profit One Tree Planted. Unlike other brands that donate a small percentage of sales we wanted to go the extra mile. Every time you purchase our bundle you plant a tree in an area that has suffered from deforestation. You also will receive free access to our ebook that contains 30 pages exposing the truth about plastic and serves as a guide to what you can do to make a difference. Contribute to a higher purpose by using our bamboo brushes

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