BONISON Top Quality Environmental Glass Water Bottle Borosilicate Silicone Sleeve Sports Drinking Cup with Flip Top Lid Spout Cap Carrying Handle 18.5 oz

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Manufacturer Description

Uniquely Styled - Created for Comfort - Designed for You!

When you reach in the cabinet you grab that one cup that fits comfortably in your hand and cup holder. Now Bonison is introducing a glass water bottle that can give you that same feel.


The sky is the limit and that's what we have here. A common bottle that is frequently seen in portable coffee cups but taken to another level.

☆Silicone rubber sleeve:
Prevent slipping and dropping

Soft silicone cover over the edge of the cap to provide comfort from the hard plastic cap used to ensure durability.

Preferred by scientific labs and used by Pyrex brand cookware.

☆Borosilicate Glass:
Known for its shatter resistance. Bottle will not break into small pieces.

☆Eco Environmentally-friendly Drinkware:
Save money and the environment by refilling and reusing rather purchasing to-go water bottles and throwing them away because a recyclable bin isn't readily available.

Convenient carrying handle provided for transporting. Take it to the gym, yoga class, or outdoor activities, work, or school.

☆BPA Free,PFOA Free,Non-Toxic:
Comprised of 100% BPA Free silicone sleeve cover, comfort cap lip, and leak proof ring.

Perfect for gift giving. Buy Now!

Product Features

[High-Quality & Durable] Not easily broken shatter-resistant Borosilicate Glass; Thick, transparent, and beautifully crafted glass with curvature to fit comfortably in cup holders. Not to thick to cause heavy weight discomfort when using but thick enough to feel comfortable as an everyday bottle. Hot or Cold Use - Use caution and allow bottle to cool. Sleeve does not provide insulation or extreme heat protection. [Convenient] Carrying handle attached to plastic band around the top to hold in position without pulling off of the bottle. Perfect bottle for travel, home, and play. Slip hand inside strap to hold bottle while carrying books, grocery, or baby. 2 inches of sleeve with gripping bubbles to offer slip resistance. CLEAN - Hand wash recommended - top rack dishwasher safe [Leak Proof] Silicone ring inside of cap to prevent leakage. Strong flip top seals over spout preventing liquids from leaking in your gym bag, beach bag, Bonison reusable shopping bag, etc. SIZE - 18.5 oz/550 ml; 9 inches tall, 3 inches wide for bottle racks, 2.5 inches bottom for cup holders. Wide mouth 2 inches for ice, fruits, smoothies, etc. [Non Toxic - Safe to Use] BPA Free & PFOA Free - Bottle cover sleeve and comfort lip are comprised of 100% silicone. The PP plastic top and cap are made of FDA approved materials that will not leach toxins into your drink beverages. Freezer Safe for chilling but do not over fill and do not freeze frozen to crack the glass. Not made for sparkling carbonated drink usage. {GIFTS} "Where did you get that from?" When you hear those words, please don't hesistate to share with them about our Bonison Glass Water Bottle. Bonison strives to excel in releasing the best in style and quality with comparable competitive pricing! Give as a gift and keep one for yourself. Arrive in a nice box with care instructions and the look and feel of QUALITY! Available in yellow, gray, blue, and pink.

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