CorkYogi Natural Environmentally Friendly Eco Cork & Non-Slip Rubber Yoga Mat or Workout 72" x 24” - 5mm Extra Cushion - Perfect for Bikram Yoga, Hot Yoga, Pilates & Workouts

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Manufacturer Description

CorkYogi produces the perfect eco-friendly yoga mat. All of our cork yoga mats are designed to support you & be environmentally conscious by creating 100% green products.

Enjoy your yoga practice at any level! With Every Session! A CorkYogi yoga mat grip can help enhance your stance progression from Ashtanga to Vinyasa & everything in between.

A 100% Non-Toxic, Environmentally Green Product, & Uniquely Fashionable! Cork forest cultivation help prevent soil erosion! These fast growing bark forests also increase the absorption of rainfall and act as a barrier to desertification. EVA/TPE (plastic) mats are the opposite of eco-friendliness and are harmful for the environment. Practice the best yoga has to offer and help the environment all on the same mat.

CorkYogi is the preferred choice of eco-friendly yoga studios and top Yogi's. The natural traction (improves when wet from sweat or moisture!) of cork on your hands and feet make it one of the best & safest materials you can use for yoga or workouts.

Caring for your CorkYogi Yoga Mat:

After your finish your amazing workout simply let it air dry flat. At times getting some sun light on the cork will be enough for daily care. You can even leave it in your car a few times in the sun & that will be fine as well. However please don't make it a habit of always leaving the cork out in the sun. If too many body oils accumulate try a little vinegar with water and or all natural cleaner.

If there are some dirty areas please wipe the spots with a clean cloth and a little organic soap and or water. Use a damp cloth to get rid of any soap and lay the mat flat to fully dry. Roll up the cork mat loosely with the cork side out.

Enjoy a 100% money back guarantee because we not only stand behind our mats! we stand on them too!

Order Now! & Receive a CorkYogi mat before your next session!

Product Features

PROFESSIONAL QUALITY ALL NATURAL ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIALS: Each CorkYogi yoga mat is made from a plant-based 100% cork and NON SLIP Rubber bottom blend that is all-natural and free of harmful chemicals, including PVCs. CorkYogi CORK MATS HELPS PREVENT AGAINST BACTERIA: Many cheap foam yoga mats can cause bacterial growth, mold, and lingering smells if not regularly cleaned. Our cork mat is antimicrobial and won't need constant washing with harmful chemicals or soaps. NON SLIP TIGHT FIRM GRIPPING: Cork provides one of the tightest grips for the novice to expert Yogi. The non-slip surface remains easy to grip even after it's wet, which makes CorkYogi mats a perfect choice for sweat causing sessions like Hot Yoga & Bikram yoga. ALSO INCLUDES CARRYING STRAP & WRAP FOR EASY STORAGE: CorkYogi yoga mats are ideal for countless workouts and yoga lovers of all levels. CorkYogi mats can also be used for aerobics & pilates. It measures 72" x 24" and is 5 mm thick. PURCHASE WITH CONFIDENCE: At CorkYogi, we assure you our amazing cork yoga mats will keep you excited with every next workout. We use these mats on the beach every day :) That's why we offer you 100% satisfaction!

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