Earth's Daughter Biodegradable, Eco-Friendly, Natural Bamboo Kids' Toothbrushes With BPA-Free Ultrasoft Nylon Bristles - 4 Pack

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Product Features

Did you know that most toothbrushes are made almost entirely of rubber and plastic, neither of which are biodegradable? They could take hundreds of years to break down. Welcome to Earth's Daughter's Earth-Friendly Essentials! Our toothbrushes use the least plastic possible, while we have to use plastic for the bristles, we have chosen the safest and highest quality we can find - they are nylon and are BPA-free. Our handles are made from Bamboo. Our packaging is all plant based. And because our toothbrushes are mainly from Bamboo, they are made from a renewable resource (did you know Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, some species grow as much as 3 or 4 inches in a single day and there are others that grow even faster!). Yes, Earth's Daughter is more Earth-friendly and conscientious than your typical company. And we are working for a change in society. And we are proud of this fact! Now understand we don't want to just make Mother Earth happy. She's just part of the equation. Day in, day out, you stick plastics and rubbers in your and/or your child's mouth at least once or twice a day. These are the by-products of oil. I can't imagine that would be too great for you and your child, ever thought about that? (If you've ever put a new toothbrush in your mouth without toothpaste, I'm sure you have tasted that horrible plastic/rubber taste!) The leading brands for toothbrushes today are concerned about the style of their brushes and who has the latest "technology" for brushing teeth or who has the coolest cartoon characters for the kids. We want to go a step further and while giving the best and cleanest brush possible, we don't want you putting your health on the line while doing it. We want you using something in your mouth that will give you the most benefit possible. Our bristles are designed to clean as effectively as any manual toothbrush out there. Let's face it. If you brush properly, the shape of the bristles and all the other gimmicks really don't matter so much. Going to the dentist periodically and getting a cleaning will also help. However, we do have some tech to our bristles. The longer bristles on the end of the brush allow you to get behind those hard to reach back teeth and between your teeth better than just a flat brush. So our toothbrushes will more effectively clean your teeth than many of the toothbrushes out there and do at least as good a job as any of the others. We use ultra-soft bristles because they are gentler on your child's enamel and gums. Thus promoting a healthier mouth where their teeth will last longer. Our ultra-soft bristles also act to massage their gums while they clean. Our brushes are packed in separate packages to keep them sanitary, (not to mention they are much easier to get to than when enveloped in plastic with a thick paper backing). Our handles were also designed with your child's comfort in mind. They are easy to hold and manipulate in your mouth and minimize slippage for a safer and more comfortable brushing experience. Our brushes are made from the highest quality products possible, we have not cut corners anywhere. We have made every effort to make them affordable by offering 4 in a package. Packaging everything in an Earth-friendly way is not easy. It requires time and effort to do so. We feel that for our planet, it's worth it. We feel that for you and your child, it is worth it. Ours are different than your traditional toothbrush but I am sure that once you try them, you will be happy with the results and what you are doing for the environment and won't want to use anything else again. And this is the perfect way to start teaching your child about the importance of taking care of our environment and being conscious of what they use on and in their bodies! So get yours now and support the evolution!

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