ELZU.US Baby Organic Bamboo Washcloths (Set of 6 towels), Luxury, Natural, Extra Soft | For Bathroom, Kitchen | in Gift Box with Bows | White Green and Blue | Size 10"x10" | Comfort Registry Pack Set

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Manufacturer Description

Why Choose Bamboo Towels Washcloths?

Bamboo is antibacterial, suitable for baby bath tub, hotel washcloths, kitchen washcloths & more. Bamboo baby wash cloth is not only soft and gentle on all types of skin but bamboo washcloths baby are also strong and durable for longer. Our baby bath towels and washcloths are designed for adults, babies, and newborns.
Available as washcloths white, baby washcloths blue, and green colors in pack.

Baby Washcloths Organic Benefits

Bamboo fibre is hypoallergenic for people with allergies, eczema bath baby issues. Resistant to mites and wash towels baby are organically grown.
Hang baby tub cloths to dry in morning and the baby bathtub cloths will still be safe to use at bed. Suitable for mom's bathtub, newborn washcloths, and baby washcloths boy sets. Bamboo washcloths for face care are good!

How to Use Cotton Washcloths

Use soft washcloths cotton at home or take to on travels. This washcloths pack can be used in kitchen, nursery, and for washcloths bathroom usage.
Like washcloths cotton simply rinse your bamboo towels under a tap. Squeeze dry, add soap, and gently rub baby washcloths softly on skin.
Wash organic baby washcloths in the cold water setting of your washing machine with soap. Dry cloth baby items at low heat.

Wash Clothes Baby Products Safe for Environment

Bamboo is highly absorbent so it's more effective as a baby washcloth set, washing effectively & quickly. Reduces water consumption.
Using bamboo for bath baby situations is also environmentally responsible. Bamboo can replenish itself quickly, and takes little water and no harsh pesticides to grow. Organic washcloths are made from bamboo, which is a natural fast-growing grass.
When bamboo washcloths baby products end up in the landfill they will naturally decompose in soil and sunlight.

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Product Features

LUXURY TOWEL SET: These luxury washcloths are safe for the entire family, including infants. Their soft material is gentle for the most delicate of skin, yet provides a bit of luxury in the bathtub or shower after a long day after work. STRONG AND DURABLE: Towel set is naturally designed to be strong and durable, and will last a long time. Use them for the entire family everyday. They can be washed on a regular basis, yet still look good after months of usage. PROTECTS THE ENVIRONMENT: Bamboo is one of the most sustainable natural materials on the planet. It grows quickly, and does not need harmful pesticides. You're assured of using a safe and natural product on your skin. GIFT PACK SET: Towel set is presented in an attractive cardboard box with clear plastic lid. Each cloth is wrapped with a bow, making it perfect for gift-giving. There are two white, two blue, and two green washcloths in each gift towel set. SOFT AND COMFORTABLE: Each bamboo washcloth is made from the softest bamboo, to be extra-gentle on skin. Bamboo rivals other natural materials such as silk, cotton, or cashmere by being affordable. Cloths have a natural shine with silky feel.

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