For Unheated Yoga Tomuno 68" x 24" x 5mm Natural Rubber Non Slip Sticky Eco Friendly Yoga Mat

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Manufacturer Description

Why else might I not like Tomuno?
1) Our mats smell of rubber at first. This smell fades but never completely.
2) Rubber wears down over time unlike some plastics.
3) Rubber is heavy.

Will I slip when I sweat?
We definitely cannot solve all slipperiness challenges? But we do feel that rubber provides the best grip of all raw materials currently available. This is why rubber has been used for centuries in things like shoe heels and why it dominates the premium yoga mat category.

The most common causes of slipperiness are: 1) yogis find our mats to be slippery BUT also slip on every other type of mat, 2) unusual amounts of lotions before yoga, e.g., massage therapists.

If you look online, all rubber mat brands see some slipperiness reports?

Scared to buy online?
We have a "No Questions Asked" return policy and free shipping both ways :).

Designed for Special Joint Issues:
Tomuno mats are 5% thicker than 3/16 inch mats providing unusual cushioning for knees and wrists.

How long does it take for the mat to 'break-in'?
Please allow a few weeks to achieve full grip.

How do I care for my mat?
1) Please do not store in direct sunlight, do not use body lotions/massage oils prior to practicing yoga.

How do I clean my mat?
1) Please do not clean with any natural oils, in a washing machine, or use harsh chemical cleaners/abrasives.

About Tomuno
Tomuno is an eco-friendly, Ohio based, small business.

Product Features

365 Day Return Policy! (Limit 1 Per Customer) No matter where you purchased your Tomuno mat you are covered. If you ever have an issue that you think is reasonable, contact us on Amazon and we'll do our best to make things right. Why unheated yoga? Tomuno is just trying to sell yoga mats the way yoga teachers recommend. We started out as a yoga studio brand. Certain kinds of mats are good for hot yoga, others for unheated yoga... For HOT YOGA: Yoga teachers say you need a hot yoga towel and a cheap 'smooth' PVC mat so your towel does not bunch up. Why buy a nice mat if it is hidden under a towel? In addition, the salt from sweat and abrasive yoga towels grind through yoga mats in hot yoga. Why not save your money? For UNHEATED YOGA: A towel would feel weird and they don't work (they need to be wet). For unheated yoga, you want a 'nice' mat that is very grippy. We feel Tomuno is the best mat on the market. There are 3 major yoga mat raw materials: PVC, TPE, and Rubber Tree Sap. Rubber is the most expensive raw material but in our opinion it is the grippiest. This is why it dominates the top of the yoga mat category and why it commands such a price premium over plastic mats. Tomuno is made of natural rubber.

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