Girls Swim Diapers 2Pack Reusable Premium Stylish- Adjusts to Fit N-5 Baby to Toddler

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Manufacturer Description

2 PACK Will & Fox

&r Diaper = $8.98 per DIAPER! The BEST REUSABLE WATERPROOF SWIM DIAPER is HERE! ONE pair of our infant swimpants ADJUSTS to be YEARS WORTH OF DIAPERS and covers! SAVING you HUNDREDS while helping the ENVIRONMENT! Our diaper grows with your little swimmer lasting years of pool and beach action! No need to continually buy swimwear or swimsuit pants every month. Question: Why do they appear extra small? How can I expect them to fit my child for more than a year? This answer is simple. High quality swim diapers are nothing like regular cloth diapers! They need to be smaller! Here are several reasons why they need to be smaller + they will fit your child up to 36 lbs if you fit them right. Firstly they are immersed into water. This means the seal on the legs and the waist is super important to be firm fitting. If not it will not contain a poop when it arrives and poo particles will be flushed out the legs along with the existing water 2) Secondly they are not meant to hold wee therefore a good swim diaper won't contain any padding like Huggies or Pampers Splashers. If it contains padding it will become heavy and pull down on the leg seals and cause a poo leak 3) It's all about the fitting. Our stretchy edging is so comfortable it is specifically designed to be pulled and secured firmly and be comfortable for the infant while creating a good seal to prevent water entering and poop leaking. If the diaper is designed any larger it will not serve its purpose for all children that are in their diaper years. We think 36lbs is plenty large enough as most children are potty trained by this stage. If it is any larger in size it will not work effectively for their first years. Another important note is most children are at their chunkiest around the 1 year old / 18 months. Once they start running around and becoming active your baby girl or boy will lean out and increase in height for the next couple of years! Our diaper works perfectly to adapt to this growth.

Product Features

✅ BEST MULTI -FUNCTIONAL SWIM DIAPER on the market. Designed only for the TRENDIEST little BUTTS! One Diaper adjusts to be years' worth of diapers AND swim pants! Are you an Eco friendly family? This diaper reduces waste and saves families hundreds while protecting them with our 100% waterproof super stylish unique shell. ✅ SWITCH and SAVE HUNDREDS - Our unique design grows with your child adjusting to look like a fashionable pair of swim pants. No saggy butts here with our unique snap placement like no other. SWIM diapers are not the same as regular cloth diapers. Please read the "LISTING DESCRIPTION" to learn why they are different to regular cloth diapers. ✅ 13 HIGH FASHION designs to CHOOSE from! BABY BOY and GIRLS STYLISH DESIGNS! Click on our Storefront to see *all 3 diapers listings and tons of options: 1) Boys 2) Girls 3) UNISEX. ✅ RELIABLE & LESS CHEMICALS - Our diapers are totally lead and phthalate free. We also skipped the bleaching process on our product to reduce chemical exposure for your little one + 1 YEAR WARRANTY ✅ Buy the best Swim diaper for your little one today and know they will be the most stylish well protected babes on the beach for years to come! ADD to CART before they go!

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