NaturOli Soap Nuts / Soap Berries. 15-25+ LOADS! - USDA Organic laundry soap, natural detergent & cleaner. Select seedless. Heavy-duty wash bag + 8-pg info & instr. (LARGER SIZE replacing 5-10 Load Samples. - BETTER VALUE!)

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Manufacturer Description

USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC - Best selling brand in the USA!
100% chemical free! The answer for sensitive skin & noses! Unscented. Extremely low cost per load!

Acclaimed by the "Green Dot Awards, "Possibly the most significant green innovation in history for everyday household cleaning needs."
"...a business with a Green Dot Award is a business that can be trusted by consumers with stewardship of the environment."


"TOP 4 best grey-water system safe detergents & MOST AFFORDABLE" - LA Times!

Mother Nature's gift - 100% natural laundry soap. A safe, economical, hypoallergenic, biodegradable alternative to harsh & harmful chemicals. If you suffer from allergies, sensitive skin, or seek a greener earth - Soap Nuts are your answer!

Soap Nuts are dried shells of the soapberry (a fruit) containing saponin - a highly effective cleaning agent!

Growing rapidly popular worldwide! Used for ages in personal hygiene, hair care & all-purpose cleaning. Easily converted to powder or liquid. NaturOli Soap Nuts are selected for optimal quality & highest effectiveness - wild harvested Sapindus Mukorossi soap berries, the world's finest.

Inspected, sorted, & packaged IN THE USA!
- Lab tested free of chemical & organic contaminants.

Simple to use:
- Put 5-6 shells (1/2 oz) in wash bag.
- Toss directly in washer with laundry. Don't overstuff loads!
- Reuse 5-8 times.

Wash bag(s) + 8-pg info & instructions included. One wash bag per lb. or min. one per order.

Loads vary due to water type, temp, washer type, cycles used, etc. Est. loads are based on 1/2 oz per med. size loads. HE washers yield more loads. May use with traditional cleaning or whitening boosters.

Tip: Start fresh! Run a few warm or hot loads with rags to help purge washer of residual chemical buildup.

Product Features

Our new LARGER 15-25+ LOAD Sampler! ---- Get 3X (THREE TIMES!) more Soap Nuts to experiment with (1.5+ oz) than our original 1/2-oz sample (or a tiny "10 LOAD" box). ---- NaturOli is a SoapNuts.Pro "PREFERRED" seller. ---- INCLUDES: An extra-heavy-duty muslin wash bag, plus 8-pages of info & instructions! Safe & hypoallergenic. 100% chemical & fragrance free! Ideal for sensitive skin & noses. Leaves laundry amazingly clean, soft & fresh. Superb for delicates, silks, wools, & organic fabrics. Excellent for cloth diapers. Odor removing. Low sudsing - perfect for high efficiency (HE) & front loading washers. Reduces need for fabric softeners & dryer sheets. SAVES MONEY! Healthy & nourishing for skin & hair care, too! Soap nuts / soapberries: Organic laundry soap, natural detergent & household cleaner alternative. ---- #1 selling brand in the USA! ---- Award Winning! ---- Hand-sorted premium "Select" de-seeded berries. ---- Fresh wild-harvested Sapindus Mukorossi from Himalayans of India, the world's finest. ---- Processed, inspected & packaged IN THE USA! ---- USDA ORGANIC.* ---- NaturOli is a USDA organic certified Processor & Handler. Compliant with the US National Organic Program. *USDA - the official US Organic Certification. Press: LOS ANGELES, CA: "NaturOli green detergents' and cleansers' use of saponin, which is derived naturally from soap nuts, is possibly the most significant green innovation in history for everyday household cleaning needs." ---- LOS ANGELES, CA - MAY 19, 2012: NaturOli Soap Nuts selected by LA Times as a "Top 4" gray-water safe detergent! Tied #1 for the lowest cost per load! ---- Independent lab tested safe. 100% natural & chemical free. No organic contamination, agricultural pesticides, industrial pollutants, or toxins. ---- The perfect biodegradable camper's soap (lightweight & convenient) with natural insect repellent properties. Great pet soap - helps ward off fleas & ticks, too! NEVER from CHINA. No worries! Not slimy or oily. Always the proper tackiness with a mild vinegary scent. NEVER an odor of petroleum. ---- DON'T BE FOOLED by exaggerated claims about LOADS. Order high-quality soap berries from established, reputable companies. ---- With experience, you'll learn to order by WEIGHT - not LOADS. ---- You can rely on WEIGHTS while LOADS vary greatly. We use "loads" to assist new users. Initially such estimates can be helpful. ---- Avoid confusing "net" and "shipping" weight - big difference. Bought wisely, using soap nuts are a SUPER bargain, and make doing laundry FUN! ------------ Find MANY more NaturOli products (including Combo & Variety Sets) at our Amazon Brand Store:

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