Organic Bamboo Toothbrushes Pack of 6 Eco-Friendly Biodegradable 100% Natural and Sustainable Vegan Wooden Toothbrush for Adults with Strong Medium Soft BPA free White Bristles for Sensitive Gums

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Manufacturer Description

🔆 OUR ECO SENSIBLE BAMBOO TOOTHBRUSHES are a better & greener alternative to the use of plastics so prevalent today. Our ultimate goal is to support the smarter use of the natural resources minimizing the human impact on the environment, lowering our carbon footprint and leading to a more sustainable tomorrow for our children💚


✔︎ It reaches maturity in 1 to 5 years compared to its counterparts which take up to 30 years. Bamboo trees absorb immense amounts of carbon dioxide whilst it releases 30% more clean pure oxygen into the atmosphere

✔ When harvested continues to grow new roots requiring no chemicals to mature and thrive. It prevents Soil Erosion since its root system continues to spread after maturing, new shoots emerge sustaining nutrients in the soil culminating in the creation of new trees

✔︎ Its one of nature's tougher materials with a tensile strength higher than steel; bamboo is extremely versatile it grows in any climate zone


✔︎ Plastic toothbrushes add to the current crisis affecting our fragile ecosystem - They end up in the oceans lakes and rivers decomposing slowly into harmful chemicals that can be absorbed by the body as a result a large percentage of the population test positive for BPA a dangerous byproduct poisonous to our health

✔ The average person throws away approximately 185 pounds of plastic every year which is compiled into massive land fields contaminating the drinking water supply breaking down into small fragments that can be found on every mile of ocean beaches throughout the world

✔ The plastic production uses around 8% of the world's oil and generates 10% of the total waste - It takes hundreds of years for plastic to degrade in nature - 40% of our oceans are polluted by Petro-plastics and 80% of the oceanic pollution comes from the land - 1,000,000 seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals are killed annually from the plastic in our oceans 🌎

Product Features

✅ NATURALLY KILLS BACTERIA as contains a bio-agent known Bamboo-Kun known to be a natural anti-microbial enzyme eliminates any bacteria attempting grow on it making it one of the cleanest substances in Nature. Our 6 units will provide you environmentally friendly toothbrushes to last for many months. It feels wonderful when a small step can go a long way so please take stand contribute towards a healthier Planet by choosing an Eco Neutral Brush - The Planet will thank you. 🌎 ✅ WE UTILIZE 100% RENEWABLE materials in all our packaging, each brush comes sealed in a Recyclable Eco-Paper bag adding zero waste to the ecology keeping in mind that a better green living begins at home. The Resilient Pearl white bpa/pvc free nylon bristles won't fall out easily; they are firm, flexible, long lasting and gentle on gums with a soft wavy design ensuring optimal reach and comfort to all members of the family. 👪 ✅ THE ERGONOMIC BODY DESIGN has both flexibility and firmness for maximum reach, making brushing an easy task. All Brushes are Durable, robust with rounded edges making them sturdy and hardwearing. Handles are soft to the touch also 100 percent waterproof shielding from them form decay and mold. Dentists recommend replacing every your toothbrush every 3/4 months to limit the accumulation of harmful bacterium as well as lowering the risk of gum decease and Gingivitis. ✅ OUR TOP QUALITY BAMBOO PIECES are a great gift idea, individually Laser Branded each unit has a unique Ancient Mayan Symbol signifying the elements Earth 🌎 Sun ☀ and Water 💦 for easy personalization. 💥 AS AN EXTRA 💥 Your purchase includes our simple to make Non-Fluoride all green vegan organic Toothpaste Recipe it will help protect and brighten your smile Naturally while leaving your mouth fresh minty clean. ► SEE PHOTO N# 7 FOR DETAILS ◀︎︎▶︎ "ADD TO CART NOW" ✅ 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE Here at The Green Earth Project We are very pleased with the quality and endurance of our products therefore your full satisfaction is of great important to us. If for any reason you are not truly happy with your purchase please return the product in the original packaging to process you a full refund. ➤ Click ADD NOW 💚

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