Palm Leaf Plates Set 10"| 25 Pack Heavy Duty Eco friendly Disposable Dinner Plates | Biodegradable & Compostable | Premium Quality Tableware Ideal For Wedding, Party, Camping & More | Feast Green

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Manufacturer Description

Made with naturally fallen palm leaves, Feast Green brings you an opportunity to 'show & share' your concern about our home 'Earth'. For this product, no trees are harmed at any stage & it is 100% compostable & disposable in just 6-8 weeks without any commercial facility. Far better product than typical plastic-ware. Just use it and toss it in your compost bin or throw it in your campfire! It is free from any toxic materials and chemicals. Just plain, natural palm leaves, washed thoroughly and molded into elegant plates so that your feast is as close to nature as it can be. By using only the best quality leaf's center part, these plates are made with slow heat process to attain uniform shape & fine texture. Natural texture patterns make every plate unique on its own. The grooves, the ridges and different patterns that you see on different plates is not a flaw, rather it shows you how we have tried to stay close to nature by not chemically treating any of the the natural footprints on palm leaves to make them look all same. You can use it comfortably in microwave with any food on it. Perfect for gravy & ice-cream. Enjoy hot & cold both types of food on it. Much sturdier than paper & disposable plates. Can easily hold your heavy steaks! Your satisfaction is our prime objective. In-case of any issues, you will get a free replacement with no return required. A very important reason to buy!: When you buy this product, you are actually supporting an under-privileged population of specific rural areas in South Asia. Our manufacturing facility there enables the women of that area to learn the entire manufacturing process of our palm leaf plates. This way, they earn a unique skill that makes them earn a better life for themselves & their families. The impact of your purchase hence goes on to bring a smile on many faces - everyday!

Product Features

100% BIODEGRADABLE AND COMPOSTABLE HENCE PLANET-FRIENDLY. These are made of 100% natural sources which means there is no harm to planet when you dispose them off. NO TOXINS OR CHEMICALS. Made 100% from palm leaves, the leaves are steam-pressed after washing thoroughly so rest assured that the product you get in hand will be free of any harmful chemicals that can contaminate your food. This is why you will see natural stain-like patterns and variations in color as we try to keep it as close to nature as possible. Chemicals? what are those? MADE FROM BEST QUALITY NATURALLY FALLEN PALM LEAVES. Not all fallen palm leaves may be eligible for the plates. We ensure that only the best ones, without any molds make it to the manufacturing facility- The only imperfection you will see is the perfection of Nature's art in terms of different patterns, colors, and sometimes natural ridges and grooves. HEAT, OIL, LIQUID-RESISTANT-WON'T LEAK AND WON'T BEND! Pour in some hot curry or steaming rice, these plates can take on enough heat. What's more, they won't bend or deform under the weight of some heavy food item unlike any plastic or paper counterpart. So you can enjoy your party without any unforeseen fails. EACH PLATE YOU BUY PUT A SMILE ON SOMEONE'S FACE. By buying these plates, you are actually helping an underprivileged group of women to earn their livelihood respectfully as they meticulously work to produce these plates after thorough training. So let their hardwork get some recognition!

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