Piavi Shopping Trolley Bags - 3 Eco-Friendly Reusable Grocery Shopping BagsTwo Insulated

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Manufacturer Description

• Does the thought of throwing another plastic bag away make you cringe at how much you're harming the planet and ruining it for your children? • Does the idea of fiddling at checkout with grocery bags cause you to go into a panic every time you go shopping? • Are you constantly terrified that your bags will break? If you answered YES - and if you're anything like most people, including us, then we know you did -you're in the right place because Piavi Shopping Trolley Bags are: ECO-FRIENDLY. Piavi bags really are eco-friendly because not only are they reusable, but they're also built to last. Made completely from heavy-duty polyester without the mesh bottom you find in so many so-called reusable bags that seems to tear at the drop of a hat, Piavi bags are more than durable. CONVENIENT. The two insulated bags stand up on their own, while the third bag features a long, 70 cm rod. And it's a thick, sturdy rod that will stay where you put it! You won't just be packing quickly; you'll even have time to organize everything in your bags for easier unpacking at home because you'll be going faster than the cashier! Plus, there's also the wonderful benefit of not having to endure the dirty looks, the irritated sighs and the sarcastic comments from other people in line because you're taking too long to pack your stuff away. With Piavi bags, it's a breeze. A really quick breeze! RELAXING. Two of the bags are insulated too! That's right, they'll keep your frozen items frozen and your cold items cold, which means you'll also have time for a spot of lunch or a cup of coffee to unwind. Shopping can be stressful, so post-shopping relaxation is a must! These insulated bags also double up as picnic bags. Why spend a fortune on special coolers or picnic bags? Just pop lunch in your insulated Piavi bag and off you go!

Product Features

STRONG and STURDY: Made completely from 600D polyester, Piavi reusable trolley bags have been manufactured to last. Load them up until you can't lift them. They still won't break. They've been put through rigorous stress tests and they can easily carry up to 100 lbs each! SUPERIOR and DURABLE: The Piavi Shopping Trolley Bag set is the only one on the market made of 600D polyester, a heavy-duty fabric that far outclasses the non-woven material most other shopping bags are made of. This set is also the only one to come with TWO insulated bags instead of the standard one. EASY TO USE: No more fiddling at checkout. Aren't you fed up of being the one holding up the line at checkout? With this set of 3 coral reusable shopping cart bags -- for us mere mortals that's light red grocery bags -- you'll never feel embarrassed for taking too long again. Pop your groceries in your bags faster than the cashier can run them up! COMPACT: Shopping equals LOTS of plastic bags. You don't throw them out because they aren't biodegradable. No more storage woes with Piavi reusable shopping trolley bags. Stack the two smaller bags on top of the larger bag, roll them up and secure with the Velcro fastener for a neat bundle that you can tuck in almost anywhere, out of sight and out of the way! There's even an additional handle at the bottom of the largest bag so you can carry the whole bundle around easily. 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! If you need another reason to get these amazing Piavi Trolley Shopping Bags, then here it is: you can get them absolutely RISK-FREE with our no-questions-asked 30-day money back guarantee!

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