purifyou Premium Reusable Mesh/Produce Bags | Superior Double-Stitched Strength, with Tare Weight on Tags | Multiple Sizes and Quantities

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Manufacturer Description

purifyou Premium Reusable Produce Bags -- 30 day Money Back Guarantee.

Our multi-purpose bags work great as reusable produce bags, beach bags, toy bags, laundry bags, and even sports equipment bags. Made of Premium mesh polyester, our heavy duty eco-friendly bags are reusable as many times as you'd like. Being flexible and lightweight, our bags are foldable and can be easily stored in the smallest of drawers. Annoying zippers are also a thing of the past, with our instant-close drawstring bead. Plus, with our multiple sizes (including small, medium, and large), you can fit any sized produce or store bought items, from extra small chocolate-covered almonds, to extra large English cucumbers. These bags may not be suitable for storing some leafy greens for a long period of time.

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Product Features

IT'S TIME to purify your lifestyle, one day at a time, with purifyou's Premium Reusable Mesh Bags. Our mesh bags are machine washable, and come with the most vibrant pastel tag colors. Our bags are also made in a facility free from harmful manufacturing chemicals and with the highest standards of quality control. With our unbeatable 15-month warranty and 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee, you'll never look back. ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL: You'll find an unlimited number of ways to use our bags. The Set of 9 includes a whopping 9 mesh bags and 3 sizes: two large 12x17" bags, five medium 12x14" bags, and two small 12x8" bags. Our 12x17" bag can hold any item up to a lengthy 21 inches when placed in the bag diagonally. From extra small chocolate-covered almonds, to those extra large English cucumbers, you're covered. Plus, those pesky hard-to-open plastic bags will now be a thing of the past. UNIQUE: Our double-stitched bags can safely hold up to 11 pounds. Despite their strength, our bags are still see-through and light-weight (our largest is less than 0.91 ounces), saving you time and money at the register. With yet another time-saver, you can place your bag straight into the fridge, and the breathable fabric often extends the life of your produce. That equals more savings, less food wasted, and less harm to our planet. Win-win. MULTI-PURPOSE: Our premium bags are not just for produce though, and with so many different sizes, you just might find all sorts of household items to use them for, from the little guy's Legos to Grandma's favorite stamp collection. They also work great for laundry delicates, small sports equipment, beach trips, gym clothes, school lunches, toys, office supplies, camping trips, road trips, and virtually any form of household organizing you can imagine. Did we already say win-win? HELP SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT AND WORLD TOO: Because with every purchase, a portion of our profit is donated to help promote sustainable living around the world. Check out our new water well construction in Kenya! Plus, with our satisfaction guarantee you have nothing to lose, and a soon-to-be-favorite set of bags to gain. How about a win-win-win. So what are you waiting for? For a limited time, take advantage of our sale price -- subject to removal at any time.

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