Watermelon Slicer + Tongs, Melon Baller + Knife Stainless Still Efficient Easy to Use and Economical Kitchen Utensils + E-Book bonus.The Perfect Present from Cooolll Smart Products.

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Manufacturer Description

A great set of kitchen tools the perfect way to cut and serve watermelon with the innovative watermelon slicer, it's incredibly easy to cut up slices or "sticks" of watermelon. The same tool that cuts acts as tongs: Turn it over and squeeze the handles together to lift out each slice after you cut it. There's no rind for your guests to deal with or to waste space in the serving platter. Note that this slicer is only suitable for a soft fruit like watermelon. The edges are only mildly sharp, so it's safe for use by older children. This is the way to use cooolll smart slicer: Please cut the watermelon to slices, and only after they are all sliced begin to lift them with the watermelon slicer tongs. If you will try to get the first slice without cutting all the slices - it will slip from the tongs. You can cut crisscross slicers and get smaller slicers. Melon baller - the grate way for fruit cocktails or salads everyone who's used a melon baller knows how great they are. Decorative and delicious balls of melon and other fruits can be used in fruit cocktails or fruit salads, on top of ice-cream, and for thousands of other uses. The carving knife - the beautiful way for fruit shapes finally, there's the v-shaped carving knife at the other end of the melon baller. This tool can be used to make perfect zigzag decorative cuts when you're slicing a smaller melon such as cantaloupe or honeydew in half. A free bonus - eBook with 10 recipes of aphrodisiac fruits drinks. This 'cooolll - smart products' you get 2 of the best kitchen tools for the price of 1. With a full money-back guarantee. If you're dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason, contact us for a 100% refund. Don't hesitate - click 'add to cart' now and get this grate set for your family or as a present bon appetite .

Product Features

A GREAT SET OF KITCHEN TOOLS - You can slice, cut and scoop watermelon and other fruits. A no-mess way to serve watermelon, for making perfect balls out of many kinds of fruit, and for making decorative cut halves of melons. A great tool for every kitchen. A FREE BONUS 10 recipes of aphrodisiac fruits drinks. AS SEEN ON TV - WATERMELON SLICER: A terrific brand-new tool that makes serving watermelon neater and quicker than ever before. Its rounded edges and 25 cm make the slicer a safe tool and it will not slip from your hand. Once you are in the right angle you'll get the hang of it. Just cut the watermelon in half and start scooping out slices, leaving the rind behind. All metal parts are 100% stainless steel. MELON BALLER AND CARVING TOOL: The melon baller is a classic kitchen tool for cutting spheres of many types of fruit, and the carving tool makes perfect decorative zigzags when cutting melons in half. DISHWASHER SAFE, sturdy construction.; both tools can be easily cleaned by hand or in a dishwasher. Cooolll watermelon slicer is FDA approved, made from highest quality of stainless steel. No other harmful substances are used. The slicer is children friendly without any sharp or dangerous ends. WITH COOOLLL SMART PRODUCT YOU GET 2 OF the best kitchen tools for the price of 1. 100% money-back guarantee. If you're unsatisfied with this item for any reason, we'll immediately refund your purchase price.

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