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Manufacturer Description

Steer Clear Of Energy Bill Shocks

Are you tired of waiting for the laundry dryer to finish its excruciating long cycle before you head out to your daily activities?

Have you had enough with energy bill shocks and would welcome a way to cut down on electricity expenses?

Introducing The High-End Hypoallergenic 100% Organic New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls By Belyack

If you feel you have had enough with time-consuming laundry dryer cycles, you can now rest in peace of mind!

Just drop in your dryer 3-4 of our ANTI-STATIC, felted wool dryer balls and say goodbye to harmful chemicals contained in dryer sheets that make your clothes unhealthy and cause persistent allergies!

The Money Saver

Keep your energy bills lower and save up to 30-40% time on drying your laundry with our set of wool washer balls for laundry! Reduce the tumble dry cycle and extend the life of your clothing & dryer machine thanks to our fabric softener balls.

They will be REUSED 2K+ TIMES and will absolutely pay for themselves up to 13 times within one year!

Deluxe Care For Sensitive Clothes & Delicate Skin

Enjoy healthier, amazingly fresh clothes and fabrics, with not even a speck of chemical smell with our hypoallergenic, toxic-free organic tumble balls that will take the best care of your delicate fabrics, making them perfect for your loved ones' sensitive skin.

Rest Assured Your Purchase Is Completely Risk-Free:

At Belyack we take pride in the quality of our New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls and back them with full refund policy. If you are not absolutely thrilled with our product, we will be glad to fully refund you.

Buy With Confidence Belyack Woollies Dryer Balls!

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Product Features

100% NATURAL NEW ZEALAND WOOL DRYER BALLS: Save energy on your clothes drying and enjoy amazingly fresh chemical-free fabrics, while preventing static with Belyack premium woollies! Reap the benefits of a 6-pack of pure natural tumble dryer balls and keep pet hair safely off your clothes with our premium laundry ball set! AN AMAZING MONEY SAVING SET: Replace expensive Dryer Sheets and Liquid Fabric softeners and save up to 40% on money and time in each drying cycle with our natural wool dryer balls. Chemical-free, hypoallergenic and safely respectful to your sensitive skin, they make a perfectly pure fabric softener that will extend your clothes life and will pay for themselves up to 13 times within their first year of use! HAND MADE & ECO-FRIENDLY: Absolutely free of pvc and toxic chemicals that threaten our health and pollute the environment, Belyack set of 6 yarn dryer balls are an excellent reusable, eco-friendly softener set. Add Use 3-4 balls for small/medium load and 5-6 for larger load, adding a few drops of your favourite essential oil to enjoy your clothes amazingly fragranced in a natural way. IDEAL FOR DELICATE SKIN & BABY CLOTHING: Their premium organic wool manufacture makes our woollies balls ideal for sensitive skins, as they do not shed nor peel, leaving your laundry soft, reducing wrinkles and static cling and helping trap pet hair. They are an excellent anti-static dryer balls pack, ideal for baby's clothes, elderly and allergic users. ΑΝ EXCELLENT GIFTING IDEA: Spoil your loved ones with velvety-feeling clothes thanks to our felted wool dryer ball set! Offer our set of clothes dryer balls beautifully packed in the stylish gift-box to moms to be, to help them keep soft the crib sheets, blankets, clothes, baby shower items and enjoy their ear-to-ear smile!

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