Yoga Paws SkinThin - Padded Yoga Gloves and Yoga Socks - Portable Travel Yoga Mats for Women and Men


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Manufacturer Description

Don't Be Held Back By Your Yoga Mat

Do you prefer practicing yoga barefoot and bare-handed, but feel as if though your exercise regimen has taken its toll on your hands and feet?

Perhaps you are not as steady or proficient in posing when not using a yoga mat. However, as most yogis know, mats usually impede level advancement, while most divert your attention from focusing on your breathing and movement fluidity.

But Alas, No More!

The YogaPaws SkinThin mats are wearable yoga mats _ in the form of toeless socks and fingerless gloves!

Organic Improvement

Covering your foot arch; wrists and palms, respectively, our yoga mats kit is your best choice for maintaining a natural feel, throughout your asanas.

Enhancing your strength, coordination and balance, by supporting your extremities, our yoga mats can be used by yoga novices and teachers alike.

Contouring around your natural hand and feet curvature, the YogaPaws SkinThin mats feature no padding, maintaining your ability to feel your surroundings and fluidly adjust your movement and positioning, quick and efficiently.

Timeless Fitness Companions

The YogaPaws Skin Thin mats can be worn during at-home, in-studio or gym workouts.

Compact and lightweight, they are a perfect replacement for your travel yoga mat, fitting in virtually every gym bag or backpack, allowing you to practice yoga in the great outdoors.

Our mats are great for all types of yoga, be it hatha, vinyasa, hot yoga, kundalini, ashtanga, bikram yoga, as well as Pilates, general fitness _ and even in-water exercise!

Start Experiencing Yoga The Way You Deserve.

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Product Features

THE BEST TRAVEL YOGA MAT: Enjoy all the benefits of a full-size yoga mat, but without the bulky weight and space, with our compact Yoga Paws Hands and Feet Set. Our sticky yoga gloves and non-slip toeless socks literally become a wearable lightweight yoga mat, letting you practice EVERYWHERE. Simply drop them in a purse or bag to take with you, wherever you go. SAY NO TO GRIP DOTS: Stop wasting your time and money on chintzy, knitwear, yoga accessories. Yoga Paws are designed with a full layer of durable Natural Rubber that retains its grip, use after use, on even the roughest terrain or even in water. Yoga Paws are also a perfect addition to a slippery yoga mat, or if you're practicing on a hard surface like concrete or hardwood. PADDING-FREE SUPPORT: With its minimalist design, our Yoga Paws Skin Thin Sets are free of padding, providing you with a Barehand/Barefoot feeling. They are a perfect addition to a slippery mat, or for those who practice on carpet where a traditional yoga mat will bunch and move. Our non-slip gloves and socks are also stellar for Pilates, Barre class, or for general fitness training. PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: Yoga Paws consist of a stretchy, breathable, mesh top to keep your skin cool, and a layer of terry cloth lining the Natural Rubber to wick moisture away from your skin and prevent slipping. Small, "barely there" elastic pieces separate the fingers and toes without the feeling of unnecessary, excess fabric irritating your interdigital folds. Each piece is also hand stitched with exterior, sturdy, zig-zag stitching to prevent seams from digging into your skin. YOU WERE BORN FREE - NOW PRACTICE FREE: Your practice should never be hindered by slipping or the four corners of your mat. From wicking sweat away during Hot Yoga or Bikram, to withstanding the rigorousness of Ashtanga, to providing the ultimate free-flow experience during Vinyasa, Yoga Paws are designed for everyone's practice or exercise needs. Yoga Paws also has an incredible support staff to help with sizing and other issues.

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